Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements

Through a marital agreement we will help to establish a legal status of property acquired before marriage and during marriage, which does not deviate from the general principles established in the Civil Code. Simply put, we will prepare an agreement that will protect either the personal or general interests of the family. After signing a marital agreement, the spouses will both be liable for the personal obligations acquired in the joint marriage only with their personal property, i.e. if there is such an agreement, nothing can be recovered from the property of the other spouse. This is very useful for those who engage in risky ventures, such as running a sole proprietorship or self-employment, where all business activities are based on personal responsibility and covered by personal assets (based on the principle of unlimited civil liability). We offer our services in concluding a marital agreement and establishing that the property and (or) funds acquired before and during the marriage are the personal property of each spouse. We will help protect the interests of a spouse with higher income or more property in the event of a divorce.

In general, there are many benefits to signing such an agreement. A weakness of this could be more of a moral one, i.e. undermining the confidence of the future spouse by offering to sign such an agreement. However, this is a question of ethics and personal morals, and in a legal sense cannot be considered a negative thing.

It should be noted that such an agreement can only be invoked against third parties (e.g. creditors) if it is registered in the public register of marrital agreements. We can help with this as well. In case such a contract is needed in another country, we will help you with the signature authentication and apostille process.

A prenuptial marital agreement is also useful if you or your spouse:

  • have savings or investments;
  • have shares in a family business;
  • have personal property;
  • you are the recipient of various financial benefits or are likely to receive gifts of high value or inherit property;
  • have children from previous relationships;
  • expect the marriage to last but want the peace of mind and financial security provided by a well-designed marital agreement.

If you would like more detailed information or specific conditions for drafting an agreement, please contact us at your convenience and one of our lawyers will answer your questions.

International marital agreement


Legal consultation

Drafting of the document

Witnessed by the solicitor

Document legalisation with Apostille

Apostille translation

Registration in the Registry of Marital Certificates

Issue of the Registration Certificate

Delivery by registered mail

The expected timeframe is up to two months.

Marital agreements for the UK


Legal consultation

Drafting of the document

Witnessed by the solicitor

The expected timeframe is two to four weeks.

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