Consent Order

Our firm offers a specialized Consent Order service tailored to UK family law. A Consent Order, a legally binding document, solidifies the agreed-upon financial arrangements between parties following the dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership, significantly streamlining the divorce process and saving you time and legal expenses. This ensures a fair split, reducing the risk of future challenges.

Our seasoned family law solicitors deeply understand UK legal intricacies, ensuring precise and comprehensive Consent Order preparation and compliance with statutory guidelines. We customize Consent Orders to address individual client circumstances, encompassing property division, financial settlements, and other pertinent aspects following the jurisdiction’s legal standards, facilitating efficient court approval.

We invite you to inquire with IB Service Ltd about the Consent Order to smoothly and legally resolve any financial matters that may arise.

£ 2000 *Terms and conditions apply

Legal consultation

Drafting of the document

Help in the drafting of court application

Court application fee

The expected timeframe is up to 2 months.

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