How to legalise the document?

An Apostille is a certification issued by the UK government confirming that a specific document is genuine and can be recognised by authorities in other countries. This certification is required for records that will be used outside the UK. Making an Apostille of a document in the United Kingdom is straightforward. Still, with so many different requirements, certifications, and procedures involved, legalising your documents can take time and effort.  However, if you decide not to use a professional, you can do it yourself.

You must submit your document to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Legalisation Office to obtain an Apostille.

Get your document ready.

Before submitting your document to the FCO Legalisation Office, you must ensure it’s valid and genuine. Generally, the FCO Legalisation Office will only authenticate documents with an official signature, seal or stamp. Additionally, the paper should be written in English or have an official translation if it’s in a foreign language.

Complete the Apostille application form.

To obtain an Apostille, you must complete an application form, which you can download from the FCO portal. You must complete the form accurately, providing all the necessary information, including your name, address, and contact details.

Submit your document and the application form.

Once you’ve completed the application form, you should send it along with your document to the FCO Legalisation Office. You can either do this in person or through a courier service. Application fees must be paid.

Wait for the Apostille certificate to arrive.

The FCO Legalisation Office will verify your document and issue an Apostille certificate if everything is in order. This certificate confirms that your document is genuine and that its signer is authentic. The Apostille certificate will be attached to your paper.

Finally, you must collect your document from the FCO Legalisation Office. You can typically pick it up in person or request to return it via courier service.

With our document legalisation service, you can rest assured that your documents will be legalised accurately, fast and efficiently, and with the highest level of confidentiality and security.

Choose our document legalisation service, and let us eliminate the hassle so you can focus on your priorities.

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