Consent Order

What is a Consent Order in the context of a divorce in the UK?

A consent order is a binding document outlining the mutually agreed-upon arrangements by both parties involved in a divorce. It covers aspects such as property division, maintenance payments, provisions for children and debt settlements.

Consent orders are highly favoured when resolving divorce proceedings because they save time and money. Additionally, they offer assurance and peace of mind for all parties involved.

You can request a consent order at any stage of your divorce proceedings. However, doing this as early as possible is generally advisable to expedite the process and eliminate any possible uncertainties.

To obtain a consent order, you must follow these steps.

  • Reach an agreement on the order terms with your partner.
  • Seek assistance from a lawyer to draft the agreement.
  • Submit the agreement to the court.

A Court can decline a consent order and ask for revisions to its contents if the document is drawn up incorrectly. The Court will evaluate whether the terms of the agreement are acceptable for the involved parties, considering all aspects of the situation.

What happens if one party violates a consent order?

If a party breaches a consent order, the opposing party can seek court intervention to enforce the terms of the order. This may involve the court issuing orders for payment or potentially even imposing imprisonment on the party that violated the agreement.

Is it possible to obtain a divorce without a consent order?

Yes, obtaining a divorce without obtaining a consent order is possible. However, it is generally not recommended as it leaves room for either party to make claims against each other.

Some additional points to consider regarding consent orders in UK divorces.

  • Both parties must agree to the terms of the consent order.
  • The court must approve the consent order.
  • Consent orders hold binding power.
  • Can be enforced by courts.

If you have any questions about consent orders, you may want to seek legal advice or contact IB Service Ltd. Our company has experience in cases of Consent Orders. We help our clients negotiate and obtain it. In addition, we take care of filing these agreements and obtaining court approval. Rest assured, we provide professional assistance throughout the entire procedure. Information provided in this article is subject to change, so please consult a lawyer or other specialist in a specific case.

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